Harvesting Saint John’s Wort/Hypericum Perforatum. When harvesting plants I like to give back, because I am in a symbiotic relationship with plants. It is important to not be greedy when harvesting. Do not take all of it, leave some. When I harvest Saint John’s Wort I only cut the flowering top and leave some of the seeds, so that there can be a second flowering of the plant and also for the seeds to be able to be replanted and create more plants.

Some people might not have the belief that you have to give anything back to the plant, and perhaps your use of less plastic, or your contribution to supporting companies that with every dollar you spent they will plant a tree, or save an endangered species, perhaps that is enough of a contribution. I believe that is enough for you in an indirect way to be conscious of Mother Earth and protect the plant kingdom and soil.

The more I let myself commune with the plants, by sitting next to them, touching them, admiring them, listening and working with them, the more I learn about them and revere them for their wisdom, and I gain so much knowledge, so it’s a win-win relationship. I don’t feel like I am wasting my time and energy, all of the contrary, my life has deeper meaning and is more enriched and connected.


On this video link I share my wild foraging of Saint John’s Wort

Harvesting Saint John’s Wort


On this video I demonstrate how to identify the beautiful plant St. John’s Wort. I recently taught a small group of children about few herbal allies and some people displayed interest in learning more. I have limited time and although I wish I could go on nature walks and teach the world, I don’t have enough hours in the day; therefore, I have made this video in hopes that this can help you learn at least one of my TOP TEN Herbal Ally remedies. Thank you for watching. I truly hope that when you are in nature, you are able to recognize this plant and have a conversation with it, or are able to harvest her and use her powerful and divine medicine! Blessings to you ALL .



On this video I am showing the beautiful deep red color of the Saint John’s Tincture.


I use the following materials:

1. Fresh Saint John’s Flowering Tops/Yellow Flower and buds

2. 100 Proof Vodka (contaings 50% alcohol/50% water)

3. Mason Jar

4. Scissors

5. Labels

6. Sharpie

Once I have filled the Mason Jar to the Top, I pour Vodka medium into the jar. In about 2 minutes, the color of the clear vodka turns into this blood like red color. This is another way to tell that you have harvested Saint John’s Wort, because the tincture turns red. I then proceed to label this jar with the following information:

1. Name of the Plant

2. Harvest Date

3. Discard Date

4. Place/Location of Harvest

I usually like to harvest and within the 15 minutes of harvesting the plant, I like to add the Oil, Vodka, and or Vinegar. I don’t harvest and then go home or wait a day or two. I do it right there. Once I am home, I place the jar either in my basement or a dark cupboard and shake it once a day for the first week. After 6 weeks, I then strain the plant material and transfer the medicine into smaller brown dropper medicine bottles. I always try to keep my medicines in cupboard with very little access to light.

***For the labels, I bought JOT labels that is used for shipping at the dollar store it brings like 20, however, I cut those into three smaller pieces, so I get 60 labels for $1.00. ***

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