I am sharing some compiled data, from a book I read , Nature’s Pharmacy: Evidence-based Alternatives to Drugs (2012) by Pamela Duff, RN. The book is 500 pages long and I felt that these specific key pointers are great tips to be aware and conscious for those who are awakening to how food is our medicine and want to take charge of their health.

When it comes to learning about becoming healthier and changing our lifestyle that is conducive of decisions that are more wholesome and integrated, learning some facts and specific things about food is a major key to being successful in this long journey. Sometimes all we need to do is add one healthy habit to our current diet and lifestyle. As you continue to go into this adventure, you will want to remove things from your diet that need to change for prevention.

These 17 tips are just food for thought. It is my hope that they trigger in you the desire to research more facts about these statements and experiment and make changes that will shift your frequency and help you with your awakening.

Shift Your Frequency

1. All drugs cause side effects as well as nutritional destruction. This is because they are usually based on one active ingredient.

2. Food coloring and preservatives affect behavior, liver toxicity, and the digestive tract in ADHD children.

3. Sugar and sugar substitutes also act like drugs. Aspartame, in particular, is linked to certain mental disorders and compromised learning and emotional functioning.

4. Apples prevent the decline in cognitive performance. But do yourself a favor, eat only organic fruit as apples are the number one food that contain pesticides which are toxic enough to severely affect an already overwhelmed brain.

5. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses so they should not be used for such infections as colds, flu, or most upper respiratory infections. They also have no effect on sinus infections since the majority of those are viral infections.

6. Nicotine use during teen years increases the likelihood of depression as adults.

7. Margarine, but not butter, increases eczema and allergic reactions in children.

8. Warning: Lindane is often prescribed for children as a remedy for lice. It is a chlorinated hydrocarbon neurotoxic pesticide which has been banned in over 50 countries but still sold in North America. NEVER USE ON INFANTS OR CHILDREN, so says the Canadian Pediatric Society on the Government of Canada website.

9. Pesticide exposure is linked to psychological distress and suicidal tendencies.

Healing is Healthy

10. Seaweed, prevents the growth of breast and cervical cancer cells.

11. Shiitake mushrooms inhibit the formation of various cancer cells.

12. Cholesterol levels, a little on the high side, actually protect against cancer, especially in older people. Low cholesterol levels increase mortality.

13. Meat: Irradiation and microwave cooking increase cell oxidation which causes irregularities in cholesterol and triglyceride levels and could lead to cancer. Processed meats are significantly linked to the development of pancreatic cancer with a 68% increased risk over those that ate other types of meat. Processed as in hot dogs, bacon, deli meat.

14. Artificial Sweeteners can increase diabetic and cancer conditions as well as cause a host of other diseases and disorders. These sweeteners contribute to neurotoxicity (destruction of the nervous system) which is common in various diseases including diabetes and cancer. Some commonly used artificial sweeteners include: Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal); Sucralose (Splenda); Saccharin (Sweet’N Low); Acesulfame-K (Sunette, Sweet One); Sugar
Alcohols (Glycerol, Mannitol, Methanol, Sorbitol, Xylitol). In packaged food, many will be listed as an “E” followed by a number.

15. Fructose consumption increases risk of diabetes. The small amounts found in fresh fruits and vegetables are not necessarily the problem. It is the commercially-made fructose added to processed foods, especially HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), that becomes a significant liability for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. It is on the list of Obesogens – chemicals that cause weight gain.

16. Chemicals are now considered to be a direct cause of weight gain and the inability to lose weight. At least 20 have been identified as hormone disrupters that program the body’s fat cells into creating more. They have been dubbed Obesogens and so far include: Pthalates, BPA/BPS, DES,Tributyltin, PBDE, PFOA, PCB, Dioxins, Organophosphates, Atrazine, Lead DDT, Benzopyrene, Nicotine, Genistein, Fructose, and MSG. Chemicals lodge in fat cells and disrupt the endocrine system which, in turn, causes other health issues including male and female reproductive problems, various cancers, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The key is to try to eliminate
as many chemicals as possible that can be found in such things as non-organic, processed and canned foods, tap water, body care and cleaning products, some plastic food containers, some cooking utensils, drugs of all
types, synthetic vitamin supplements, and so on.

17. Laxatives speed up the passage of food through the digestive system thus preventing the absorption of nutrients. Those dependent on laxatives rapidly become nutrient-deficient.

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