• Mother of 2 Goddesses
  • Healing Facilitator
  • Herbalist
  • Lightworker
  • Priestess
  • Tree Hugger
  • Wanderlust Soul
  • Dragon Woman
  • Actor
  • Children's Book Author
  • Model
  • Soulful Songwriter
  • Wife of Relentless Knight Warrior
Photos on this page by Erica Derickson

I LOVE shooting powerful storytelling videos and photos in a way to capture people’s attention. I strive to find that rare, special something and capture it in the moment. Storytelling for me is more than just taking some nice shots and putting them together. I carefully and creatively design with you beautiful videos and pictures that capture the compelling story you want to express. 


This is a very long story, and I will tell the abbreviated shortened version of it.  I have always been enchanted by cameras and absolutely love being in front of the camera as a singer, model and actor. 

I recall going into the mall for my scheduled photo-shoot of my first born daughter and I was completely dissatisfied with the results. This disappointment gave me the idea to invest my money on a DSLR camera in order to capture my daughters fast growing stages.

I asked my dear friend Erica Derrickson who is an award winning  photographer what camera she recommended for a newbie who just wanted some high quality pictures and also to pick up a new hobby and she suggested I start with a Canon 60D and a nifty 50M lens.  

I started documenting my daughters life via photography and video and really enjoying the whole learning experience. I have watched  100’s of YOUTUBE tutorial videos, read about dozen photography books, recorded and edited a bunch of homeschooling videos and continued to take photos of close friends and family members to help me build my portfolio.

Through this journey, I have  had the support of my loving husband who spoke his truths to me in such a receptive way for me to grasp. He told me plain and simple  “become a director, so that you don’t have to beg for roles as an actor, do what Rocky did.” Of course, that is easier said that done. And I listened deeply with open heart and trusting in his words of wisdom as signs of my purpose and transformation in my evolution. 

In this new direction with my art, I have to thank my older brother Jeff The Master Barber, who is a YouTube star,  for strongly encouraging me to take the leap of faith into investing in a Sony A7iii Mirrorless Camera, DJI Ronin Gimbal, Manfrotto Tripod and  other video equipment. My brother has been instrumental in my videography business development as I have been able to co-create projects along his side and I have been able to received some of his lovely coaching and mentorship. 

Word of mouth has been spreading and I want to thank all of you who have share my website, videos, photos and have recommended my services to your loved ones. I have a gift being behind the lens, and I do have stories I can help you tell via visual images and videos.  So here I am, waiting to tell your story! NOW, I WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU!

I love how moments unfold in front of me. I love the creative part of co-planning with my client their vision and helping making that come true. It brings me joy to work with people who are excited about their life, whether it be a relationship or their business.  Together we can manifest images of what is closest to your heart, such as the laughter of your child, the love of your life, a business you pour your heart into or perhaps just you as you are in this time. Being able to express my  art is a passion. There is such beauty and authenticity in moving action and this talent I have is a dream come true for me. I want to capture the story behind what you do, and document the beauty of the things you create.  I believe what you offer and share with others is worthy of being encapsulated.

My higher purpose is bridging up women along their spiritual path. I connect you to women sacred circles, the  teachings of herbal medicine and help you tap into ancient wisdom’s and higher consciousness of truth. 

My heart’s offering is devoted to uplifting and awakening women to their Goddess self. I am currently focusing on doing photo shoots of women who want to connect and embody the Goddess energies. It’s time to tell Herstory.

You have the right to be seen and be heard.  You have the right to look good and feel good. You have the right to do a photo shoot for yourself and walk away feeling more confident and knowing that you have POWER and you are good enough.

 I am developing this offering because I  want to help women transform through a single photo shoot. I want women to take space to fully EMBRACE their Sacred Divine Femininity. This Goddess Embodiment Photo Shoot is all about Celebration, Embodiment, Expressing Your Divine Feminine Beauty and Standing Sincerely Grounded In Who You Truly Are.


If you resonate with the frequency of any of my offerings, I welcome you with open arms to journey with me, to be touched by the infinite magic and mystery abound and to fully open to the real you.


my time frames are very generous i usually wrap earlier because i am able to shoot quickly. i suggest blocking out 3 hours for your shoot, but don’t be surprised if we wrap half an hour early. if we are shooting in a busy area in city, it might take us a little longer because we are waiting for people to scoot out of the way, etc. this just takes a little more time. time frame includes travel time between locations. for my standard portrait, i say about 1 hour per outfit. be mindful of how long it takes to change into each outfit as well.

the purpose of the deposit is to lock in your date + time. if you cancel last minute, i most likely would have been able to book someone else during that period. i do not write anything down in my calendar until the deposit has been paid, making your desired time slot up for grabs. nothing is booked until the deposit has been paid.

the remainder of your session + travel fee is due immediately following your shoot before we both depart. no images will be delivered until final payment is made. the way my booking system is set up is in two increments: deposit + final payment.

depending exactly where you want your photographs done travel fees will vary. since driving to certain locations is far, i charge a travel fee so i can get to and from our photoshoot with my camera gear + your photographs safe and sound.

if the weather is crazy/act of god/i am sick/etc, we will put your deposit toward a re-schedule. however, if you simply don’t show up to the session, the deposit will not be refunded. if you have booked a portrait, and need to re-schedule your session, your deposit can be put toward a re-schedule as long as i am notified within 14 days of your session. i get it— life happens. however, if you need to cancel and do not want to re-schedule, your deposit is not refunded. sorry!

i love a hype mate. yes, bring a friend, parent, spouse! whoever can cheer you on + whatever will make you feel more comfortable, go for it!

you will receive the edited images within 2 weeks of your session. you will receive all of the files via wetransfer, which is an easy + free email service. you then can send them to print, forward to your friends + family, and post online! download links do expire after a few days, so be sure to download your images asap! make sure to save + backup your images.

i clean out my client files every 3 months and cannot guarantee that i will backup the images for you, so be sure to download the images and create your own backups. i do not store the raw files for more than 2 months.

no. part of my job is making the image selects and choosing the most flattering photographs. the images i do not deliver are either repeats, blurry or out of focus, shots of you blinking or mid-sentence speaking. i have no reason to withhold any images if there are additional ones i think you would enjoy! i am on your side.

no, i do not retouch or alter my client’s appearance. if this is something you want, there is an easy solution and that would be to outsource my final images to an editor of my choice.

i have never had a client tell me they were unhappy with my services in 2 years of photography. really. this is because i have clear communication + expectations set before hand. if you have read my faq throughly and done all you can to prepare yourself for your photoshoot, including picked a location you love, an outfit you feel confident in, then this is the best way to ensure you will be happy with the final result. if i have delivered what i promised to you, photography services of your package of choice, and you are not happy with the final outcome there is nothing i can do outside of perform my professional photography services.

please make it clear to me in your initial contact email if this is the case and let me know the reason. the sole way i market my photography services (and how you found me!) is the internet and i rely on sharing my photography to bring in customers. therefore, i do have a fee if this is something you want waved. please inquire.

no. any of the files i deliver to you could be shared online.

client is responsible for their own metro card, uber/lyft ride, gas, parking as well as any other permits needed for the location. client is also encouraged to bring props, such as flowers, but is responsible for whatever props they would like in the images.