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This is a gratitude video in appreciation of all the towns in Massachusetts that have joined the “Shared Streets” Movement. “Streets, sidewalks, and parking are public spaces that, when skillfully re-imagined, can help us to emerge from the pandemic stronger and more connected than before.”- Neighborways Design

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I had the pleasure to co-create a story about Lara Bear Medicinals who is a a purveyor of small batch, hand crated natural, herbal skin care and herbal medicinal products. Olivia Lara’s is a master herbalist who lovingly crafts her sacred healing medicine in her kitchen laboratory. 

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We all have the right to ” Healthy Vibrant Fertile Crystal Clear Sparkling Water For All Creatures Great And Small”- wise words by ceremonialist Kathleen Rouleau. It is truly an honor to participate in filming as a water protector and priestess the beautiful water rituals in which we gather together to pray for the waters of the world. 

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This was a short video created for Reiki Master Meah Starr who is  a gifted intuitive medical clairvoyant. She offers a range of magical energetic healing practices. 

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I had the valuable opportunity to be in the presence of Julie Woods aka The Urban Bliss Shaman and capture this intimate moment when she was shaving her head in front of me. I was able to integrate the footage with another of her biography videos.  JWOW is the founder of Language of Inclusion and Empower-meant twice featured in Forbes Magazine.

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This sacred feminine inspired video is a fruit of creative collaboration with Nikki Stearns. This amazingly sensual video represents the sensuality of being in our Eros energy. I love making videos like this one!  

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This is the song titled “DUST” by hip hop artist E-Money.  After our first collaboration, E-$ wanted to follow up with another hip hop video that had a spiritual concept and surrealism behind his powerful lyrics. I love when SPIRIT guides me and I love being like a hollow bone and let CREATOR use me to create content that is valuable for my clients and viewers. 

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When asked to co-create a music video for legendary singer Johnny Ray, my answer was a HOLY YES. Johnny Ray is a soulful singer who is best known for his ability to engage his audience on a personal level. He has been captivating audiences from  his hometown of Boston to Las Vegas for over two decades.



This is the Planning Stage. I will meet with key participants about the vision. I do a tour of the shoot location, viewing first hand what is unique and I get familiar with product/services.


This is the creating stage. A filming date capturing interviews, B-roll footage, along with high quality audio and any other ideas.


The Editing Stage. I cut scenes, mix the audio levels with the video, color grade footage, add music soundtrack along with your graphics, logo and titles.



Send me an email, describe the details of your project and pay a small deposit of 25% of your project cost.


You can review your video, if required I will provide you with three rounds of free revisions to make any amends.


Upload footage to WeTransfer and send me the files or share a link to your footage from dropbox or similar platforms.


Sign off the final version and pay the full balance


I will edit a professional video in three to seven days and send it to you for review.


I will send you a link to download your video, so you can enjoy it with your family or share it with your loved ones.