I had the valuable opportunity to be in the presence of Julie Woods aka The Urban Bliss Shaman and capture this intimate moment when she was shaving her head in front of me. I was able to integrate the footage with another of her biography videos.  JWOW is the founder of Language of Inclusion and Empower-meant twice featured in Forbes Magazine.

When asked to record concert for the musical legendary Johnny Ray, my answer was a strong YES. Johnny Ray is a soulful singer who is best known for his ability to engage his audience on a personal level. He has been captivating audiences from  his hometown of Boston to Las Vegas for over two decades. 

 Dance choreographer Kalidasi Burgess  teaches sacred ritual dance immersion workshops. This video is the final dance routine taught by Kalidasi to her students. This 6 hour  immersion class offered the history and philosophy of Sacred Modern Temple Dancing as well as introducing several classical Indian dance and belly dance movements.

Meet Penelope Olson a Certified Stress Management Consultant. I helped create this mini video for her to advertise her workshop “THE ART OF JUGGLING LIFE: A SIX STEP PROCESS UTILIZING CHANGE FACTORS”. 

This is a one-minute business video for local  business Methuen Yoga Mat &  Plus. The demographic for this class is 55 and up (boomers) and seniors and you can do yoga even in a chair. This was one of a series of social media business ads I created for client Jeanne Perrault to promote her yoga studio offerings. 

A video Tour of a simply gorgeous  and completely renovated  3 bedroom home nestled in Newton, NH.

This video strategy was created to  promote the online website of VYVEWEB, thus creating awareness of my client’s online presence.  This video was used on their social media content. 

On this video, you get to see Urban Shaman, Julie Woods in the raw. This is a woman who is a 24 multiple personality and is autistic. I was able to collaborate with JWOW in creating a mini three course series of online videos for her website www.planetjwow.com

This was the single music release for hip hop artist E-Money. This production was a low-budget project that encompass the artist desire to be seen in his true essence. The fun part of projects like this is helping the people I work with overcome their doubts and fears.

This is just an example of what a homepage background video can look like for your website. When you visit my page, this is the video that appears for viewers to see. Do you need a background video for your website? Let  me help you.

This is the song titled “DUST” by hip hop artist E-Money.  After our first collaboration, E-$ wanted to follow up with another hip hop video that had a spiritual concept and surrealism behind his powerful lyrics. I love when SPIRIT guides me and I love being like a hollow bone and let CREATOR use me to create content that is valuable for my clients and viewers. 

I love shooting videos and capturing beautiful candid images. This video is behind the scenes background of a fun #rollerskating shoot with model Morgan Fahey.