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“Make time less precious. We are way too efficient, making use of every hour, every minute. When you were a kid, didn’t you just spend hours poking sticks in the mud, climbing trees and sitting in them, looking at shells and seaweed that washed up on the shoreline? Time was not precious then, we weren’t trying to stuff an accomplishment into every minute every day, we had time for thoughts and feelings. That was good! “

–Caterina Fake–

Let me tell you a true story. In January of 2018, I created a vision board with a tribe of homeschooling moms. In my vision board, I felt called to this incredible picture of a woman in a tree and behind her was a majestic waterfall. I love trees, I love waterfalls and green is one of my favorite colors. I saw the picture and I knew that this image signified taking stunning pictures of women in their GODDESS element.

Fast forward to April 2019, my dear friend Isa Moreno tells me she has recovered from 3 surgeries and is ready to do a photo shoot because she finally feels healthy and strong. As we are texting back and forth discussing time and locations, I was not thinking about taking a picture of her in a tree, until she sends me an image of the green dress she will be wearing for the shoot. At that moment, I couldn’t BELIEVE IT. I knew exactly that this photo shoot was aligned with my vision. I knew that even though I don’t have a waterfall near me, I can still find a tree for this QUEEN to sit upon.

The BEST part of this story is that my friend Isa had NEVER climbed a tree. She really did something completely out of the norm for her and she felt the MAGIC of TREE MEDICINE. This to me is the best gift that nature freely gives to us, the power to feel good just by being.

I needed more lighting under the tree to achieve the quality of that magazine tree photo, and a crew of like 6 to 8 people to get that picture perfect tree moment, however, I am satisfied with my attempt and creating my version of GREEN GODDESS sitting pretty on a TREE shot.

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