IF you want and have a reason to declutter – use SACRED FIRE to transmute the past and truly BREAK FREE.


In this video I burned 7 of my journals.

These journals had handwritten memories, thoughts, ideas, daily recaps, and dreams.

The reasons why I journal is as a way to process emotions, solve problems, and vent on paper.

I also journal as a method of dreaming, visioning, planning, and creating. I pray via my journal, brainstorm business ideas, and the mindful act of writing helps me understand myself and make sense – or at least strengthen my acceptance – of the world around me.

The reason why I burn them is to feel lighter, to free up the past, and to create space.I am not the same person I was in many of those journals – and I don’t really need the reminder of her, either.

I saved certain passages that I did want to remember and the rest I let them be transmuted in sacred fire.

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