Reflections on the concept of “Outgrowing”.

I’ve broken up with a few “best friends. One ended in a wild misunderstanding. One just faded away. One strung me along whenever she needed me and I allowed myself to be used by her until I set boundaries.

I’m someone who would self-identify as fiercely loyal, supportive and loving. Each time my friendships have come to a sudden end, I’ve felt disappointed and betrayed—even when I also contributed to the rift.

It has been difficult for me to accept that as I continue to grow, I will outgrow the people closest to me such as friends and family. I understand that as I am transforming I will lose relationships, friendships, jobs and parts of my old self.

I have to stay optimistic and trust that life is challenging me and preparing me for something better. I am practicing surrender. I am not resisting and just trying to accept that this is normal, trusting that is all part of the process.

We are all constantly changing. My life continues to change and some people adapt to my growth and others refuse for the chance to grow with me, and I no longer feel bad for outgrowing.

The less tightly I grip onto my friendships, the more superficial ones melt away and the real ones rise to the surface. I am now learning that just BEING me is ENOUGH.

I can only create a NEW me by shifting and growing and if that means changing who I associate with and understanding that certain people are not meant to fit in my life, so be it.

I am done with selling myself short. I want to continue to grow and learn even if it means temporary loss.

Question for you to ponder upon on, If you stay in relationships that You have already outgrown are you stunting your own growth?

May you have a blessed, blissful and beautiful day, Sat Nam.

Written by Maria Fernandez

I would like to credit the video footage to Cottonbro from Pexels.

Special thanks to Benny Bettane for his music www.bennybettane-handpan.com


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